Traveling is a Mindset #1: Watch the Sunrise. Watch the Sunset

Watching the sunrise in the freezing cold at Mesa Verde National Park.
It was worth it.

Get up early – watch the sunrise. Go outside – watch the sunset. If this is something you do on a regular basis, kudos to you. I find that it’s something I’m much more inclined to do while traveling but it’s a great experience that’s open to you every day. Each sunrise and sunset is different and the start to a new day, a fresh perspective. 

So whether it’s in your backyard or maybe there is a park, road or place nearby where you know the views will be spectacular. Search online for places recommended or find your own new spot…maybe your backyard or porch is the perfect place. Pay attention to the beauty around you, it will never cease to amaze you. If you like wine, enjoy a glass while watching the sunset, it never gets old.

When was the last time you watched the sunrise or the sunset? Do it today, I dare you...

Gorgeous sunset in Arizona.  


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