Traveling is a Mindset #12: Don’t Wait

If you want to see the world, don’t wait. If you have the opportunity, take it. Travel tends to be one of those things that people think they can put on a shelf until later in life. If you are truly passionate about it, you need to come up with a plan to act on it sooner rather then later. Postponing is simply a waste of time, unless you are following other goals in life that take precedence.

Start to put some money aside on a regular basis. Whether it’s $1, $5, $20 or $100 a month, anything is better then nothing. I can honestly say that if I waited to have enough money to travel, I never would have traveled. 

My point is not to suggest that you go broke to travel but take note of what you really want in life. If you are waiting for the day you get rich to travel, you may never do it. You may get rich; you may not, either way you don’t want to regret not living your life to the fullest in the moment. If you want to travel, make it a priority whether your bank account is overflowing or not and make it happen. 

What first step are you going to take to make your travel dreams a reality? Know someone who is spending their life waiting to do all the things they want, send this to them for a little inspiration to get moving now!


Traveling is a Mindset #11: Be Prepared to Travel

Prepare like you are getting ready for your dream trip. Create a list of things you will need so you can start to prepare and acquire the necessary items needed. 

If your dream is to travel abroad and you don’t have a passport yet, get one right away. Find out if there are any inoculations you will need for the trip, if so plan to get your shots. 

Prepare as if you are ready to go. If you are thinking about backpacking, start to look for good deals on backpacks and a solid pair of travel shoes. Tell people where you want to go, you will be surprised by the connections you can make and it may open up a door or opportunity you never knew existed. Research and start to create a potential itinerary or list of places you would like to visit on your trip, ask others for their recommendations as well.  

All of these steps are part of the process to propel you forward towards your next trip or opportunity. It may feel like you are not doing much but preparing in any way sends a powerful message to your subconscious that you are going to make your trip a reality.  

Maybe you don’t know how you will get there or when you’ll have the money to do it but start to prepare today. Believe that you will make it happen even if you don’t know how. Trust that you can pull it all together in time and you will start the momentum to make your dream a reality.   

Where do you want to go?


Traveling is a Mindset #10: Cook

I find one of the easiest ways to transport myself to a different land is through food. Creating a meal from scratch can set the mood right to learn and pretend you are anywhere in the world. In addition it sets an intention to learn about a new place. 

So you want to be transported to a different land? Let's get started! Create a traditional style meal from a place you’d like to visit, or reminiscing on a place you’ve been before. This idea really started for me when I would travel and come home and want to share the experience with the family. Sure I couldn’t recreate it exactly but it was fun just trying to share a bit of it with them. 

I now find myself obsessing over different places and going out of my way to cook when I feel stuck or want to be traveling. Go to the library and check out a cookbook for free or search for recipes online. Some of my favorite sites are:

With the help of modern technology you can really enhance this experience quickly. I put on Pandora online and stream music in the theme of what I want. Some of my favorite theme nights:

Italian (Dean Martin Radio...I know not truly Italian music but I still love it)
French (Edith Piaf Radio)
Indian (Bollywood Station)
New Orleans (Zydeco/Blues Station)
Napa/Wine Country
The list goes on and on...

Most recently I’ve been obsessed with New Mexican Chilies. I went to New Mexico and came home with some red and green New Mexico Chili powder and have been making authentic dishes from New Mexico. This Carne Adovada recipe from Allrecipes was a hit with my family. As tomatoes ripen in California next on my list will be creating Mexican salsas, oh how I love spring and summer!

Where do you want to go? I’d love to hear of any theme ideas you have and/or what you will be cooking!


Traveling is a Mindset #9: Create a Travel Vision Board

Who says you can’t dream? I believe dreaming about where you want to go sets an intention and opens up the door to get you to your dream destination. Creating a travel vision board is a great way to start the momentum of dreaming and planning for your next adventure. Of course there is the practical side of planning for your dream trip such as money, time and how you will get there, but I’m starting with the dreaming stage here. 

Buy some magazines, or ask friends to save their's and pass them on to you when they are done with them.  Doctors and dental offices are often willing to donate their old magazines as well. In addition you can pick up free travel brochures from travel agents, AAA or create an online dream board on Pinterest.

Once you have some images to sift through see what grabs your attention and focus on those items.  Often times you’ll start to notice a theme.  Perhaps you have no idea where you want to go. Looking at images is very powerful, you will naturally be drawn to the things that excite and interest you. Pay attention, this is a gift from your subconscious, if it excites you pursue it. Cut out the images you are drawn to and paste them on a poster board. Dream big, put as many different places as you would like or fill the board with images of one place you want to go. Follow what you feel. 

A sample of a travel vision board using pictures from various magazines.
Once you have created your vision board place it somewhere that you can see it every day. It’s a great reminder and inspiring. Also you will be amazed at the things that you start to pick up around you that relate to your board. You will often overhear conversations or come across people at social events who have been to the places on your vision board.  It's a great opportunity to chat with people, get suggestions and ask questions to start the ball rolling towards your dream trip, even if it is a year or two into the future. 

Several years ago I created a vision board focused on Thailand and Asia.  I had no idea how I’d get there, who I’d go with or when I would go, I only knew I wanted to go and I would make it happen. About six months after I created the vision board an acquaintance of mine got transferred to Singapore for work on a whim. It opened up a last minute opportunity for me to visit Southeast Asia with a place to stay. I love the power of setting a vision/goal and having it realized serendipitously! I want you to experience this too, so get started!     

Poster board, as big or small as you would like
Inspiring images/magazines/travel brochures
Glue stick

Bonus Tip
You can photocopy your vision board and make a mini laminated version to place in your wallet to keep with you as a reminder.  Not only is it cute but also inspiring.

Do you have examples of when you have set an intention to travel and it miraculously seemed to come together to work in your favor? Know someone who needs some travel inspiration, please share this with them or plan a get together to create your travel vision boards together!