Traveling is a Mindset #11: Be Prepared to Travel

Prepare like you are getting ready for your dream trip. Create a list of things you will need so you can start to prepare and acquire the necessary items needed. 

If your dream is to travel abroad and you don’t have a passport yet, get one right away. Find out if there are any inoculations you will need for the trip, if so plan to get your shots. 

Prepare as if you are ready to go. If you are thinking about backpacking, start to look for good deals on backpacks and a solid pair of travel shoes. Tell people where you want to go, you will be surprised by the connections you can make and it may open up a door or opportunity you never knew existed. Research and start to create a potential itinerary or list of places you would like to visit on your trip, ask others for their recommendations as well.  

All of these steps are part of the process to propel you forward towards your next trip or opportunity. It may feel like you are not doing much but preparing in any way sends a powerful message to your subconscious that you are going to make your trip a reality.  

Maybe you don’t know how you will get there or when you’ll have the money to do it but start to prepare today. Believe that you will make it happen even if you don’t know how. Trust that you can pull it all together in time and you will start the momentum to make your dream a reality.   

Where do you want to go?

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