Traveling is a Mindset #10: Cook

I find one of the easiest ways to transport myself to a different land is through food. Creating a meal from scratch can set the mood right to learn and pretend you are anywhere in the world. In addition it sets an intention to learn about a new place. 

So you want to be transported to a different land? Let's get started! Create a traditional style meal from a place you’d like to visit, or reminiscing on a place you’ve been before. This idea really started for me when I would travel and come home and want to share the experience with the family. Sure I couldn’t recreate it exactly but it was fun just trying to share a bit of it with them. 

I now find myself obsessing over different places and going out of my way to cook when I feel stuck or want to be traveling. Go to the library and check out a cookbook for free or search for recipes online. Some of my favorite sites are:

With the help of modern technology you can really enhance this experience quickly. I put on Pandora online and stream music in the theme of what I want. Some of my favorite theme nights:

Italian (Dean Martin Radio...I know not truly Italian music but I still love it)
French (Edith Piaf Radio)
Indian (Bollywood Station)
New Orleans (Zydeco/Blues Station)
Napa/Wine Country
The list goes on and on...

Most recently I’ve been obsessed with New Mexican Chilies. I went to New Mexico and came home with some red and green New Mexico Chili powder and have been making authentic dishes from New Mexico. This Carne Adovada recipe from Allrecipes was a hit with my family. As tomatoes ripen in California next on my list will be creating Mexican salsas, oh how I love spring and summer!

Where do you want to go? I’d love to hear of any theme ideas you have and/or what you will be cooking!

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