About Me
Hi my name is Sarah. I am a certified Soul Coach® and I offer intuitive consulting for businesses and individuals, as well as a variety of classes, workshops and writing/marketing services. In my free time I enjoy exploring, writing, traveling, food, health, fashion, art, dreams, finding beauty in life, living to the fullest and encouraging others to do the same.

I love living in Northern California because I can take amazing day trips to so many places on a moments notice and we have amazing French bread, food and wine. Nothing brings me joy like cooking a fresh meal with homegrown ingredients from my garden. I’m at my best when I’m traveling and meeting new people. 

Why I Started this Blog
I quit my office job and started to follow my dream of working on my own; writing, traveling, coaching/consulting, speaking and following my intuition. Sarandipity17 is where I share my personal journey; a series of serendipitous events, highlighting my daily life, travels and inspiration to find joy and follow what I love. 

I believe that everyone can create the life they want and I hopes to inspire others to do just that. 

Keep Shining,

Sarah Skotvold

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