Kelsey Creek Brewing

Kelsey Creek Brewing in Kelseyville, CA is a great stop for a hot day. We just happened to be driving through when it was 102 F. I tried the New Blonde on the Block...it was a little hoppy for me but I'll confess I'm not really a beer drinker, so I don't know what I'm talking about. I can tell you the the beer was ice cold and was great in the moment, so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

For me the real winner was the atmosphere, small town, casual, laid back. I loved it. The only food they serve is popcorn and peanuts but it works.  I believe you can bring your own food in as well. It's a great addition to Kelseyville where normally I wine taste. I will definitely stop back in on my next getaway to Lake County. 

We also stopped in at Main Street Bakery across the street looking for french bread. They were sold out which is a bummer because their french bread looks amazing and fresh baked french bread from a bakery is one of my favorite things on earth. We did grab some cookies, chocolate chip and snicker doodles along with a fresh baked zucchini bread. All of it was super tasty and I don't say that lightly...with the exception of french bread I rarely buy baked goods at a bakery. Nothing beats home made cookies in my opinion but I was spoiled by my loving Grandma who made the best cookies ever.

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