Why You Should Travel Solo

For years I used the excuse that I couldn’t find anyone to travel with, so I couldn’t go.
This forced me to make a decision, either I waited until others were on the same page as me (this could be an entire lifetime) or I took some responsibility for my dreams and made it happen.

Up until that point I was afraid to travel alone. The moment I went out on my own my life changed. I got dropped off at the train station in California to start my journey to Germany, I cannot think of a more exhilarating and empowering experience. From the beginning to the end of the trip I can honestly say I met more people and had more memorable experiences then any other trip I have been on. I found that when I was alone I was more likely to challenge myself, think outside of the box and interact with others. As a result I encountered so many wonderful new experiences and made new friendships.  

Traveling alone opens up opportunities and connects you to people and experiences that you may not have noticed if you were with a travel buddy. If not having a travel partner is holding you back, I encourage you to clear away this mindset and change your view. Once you do it, I’m betting you will never look back. I know I haven’t.

What fears do you have about traveling solo?

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