Be Your Own Best Friend

We all need to lean on others at times but when you need encouragement or are in a position where others can not understand your vision, you need to be able to be the friend and cheerleader that you need to make your dreams come true. Be confident and believe in yourself no matter what others think.  Sometimes it’s not easy but if you love yourself, you can be your own best friend. What does it mean to be your own best friend? You give yourself the love, support and encouragement you need to accomplish your goals because you know it can happen. If you are waiting for others to approve of your actions or encourage you to follow your dreams, it’s time to reevaluate. Here is a quick exercise to help you practice giving yourself support:

1. Write a list of your current fears or obstacles, get whatever is bothering you off of your chest. Some examples:

I don’t know what I want to do.
I’m not smart enough.
I don’t have the resources to reach my goal.

2. Take a look at your list as if it’s a list your best friend provided you and asked for your advice/support.  Next to each fear or obstacle write out a reply as if you are speaking to your best friend. Be encouraging and provide support to get them through their fears and doubts.

3. Read over your responses and trust the wise advice you have provided yourself. 

If you have other tips on how to support and encourage yourself, please share them in the comments.  

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