Traveling is a Mindset #7: Be Spontaneous

Be spontaneous, I mean really spontaneous. Okay, I know this can be very challenging for some but just hear me out. Arriving somewhere you had no set plans to be at is fun, motivating, exciting and pushes your personal limits.  

Several years ago I jumped on a last minute opportunity to head to Jamaica for a week.  At the time life was feeling a bit stagnant. On a whim one of my sisters co-workers mentioned he was spending the week in Jamaica and suggested we should try to join him.  My first reaction was no, absolutely not. I wanted to go but before I even made the effort my mind was filled with reasons why I couldn't go; I can't afford it, I don't have the time, I don't have the right bathing suit etc.

Then the adventurer in me started to think, what if?  Instead of focusing on how I couldn't make it happen I decided to start focusing on looking into ways to make it possible. As it turns out the timing happened to coincide with our yearly family vacation so my sister and I already had the week off. We did some price research online and put in a bid on Priceline for a flight we could afford. We unexpectedly secured a great deal and within 24 hours we were on our way to Jamaica.  

It was exhilarating, the rush from completely changing our plans and doing something so unexpected added some well needed excitement to my life and made me feel more alive then ever.  Sure, not everything about the trip was perfect, the hotel was a little rustic and we ran into a few mishaps but they only made the experience that much more exciting.  

I realize picking up on a moments notice and flying to Jamaica may not be possible for everyone but you can be truly spontaneous without going very far.  On your next day off take a day trip with no destination, go down every road you’ve never been down before and be an explorer.  Drive as far as you possibly can, stop at any place that catches your eye, sometimes stop at the places that don't.  Spend time brainstorming ways to make the seemingly impossible happen instead of focusing on all the excuses on why it can't.  Oh and of course, have fun!

What's the most spontaneous thing you have done, how did it make you feel?

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