Traveling is a Mindset #6: Be Grateful For What You Have

Daffodils are so beautiful.  I'm grateful for their beauty in bloom this time of year.
Start a gratitude journal.  Taking notice of all the wonderful things in your life opens you up to receive more abundance in your life.  Sometimes you long to be other places and as a result all of the great things around you go un-noticed.  Being grateful for what you have creates positive energy and allows you to approach life from a thankful place.  When you have a better attitude and are thankful, you are more open for new experiences.

The goal is to get yourself in the mindset of seeing the world through a travelers eyes no matter where you are.  When you are grateful for what you have, where you are now, you draw in positive energy and take notice of all the unique and amazing things around you.  Make it a goal every day to write down at least 1-3 things you are grateful for or simply take note of the best part of your day.

What are you grateful for today and/or what was the best moment of your day?

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